Gävle Skeppsklarering AB

The Company

GSK is a privatly owned company that was founded in 1979, situated in the port of Gavle, and is part of the Svecon Freight Group.

Our Business

With our experienced staff we know that we can accommodate our customers anticipation of high level knowledge and customer satisfaction of the services we provide.

  • Ships agency
  • Chartering
  • Forwarding


Shipping agent certified by FONASBA Quality Standard – The federation of national associations of ship brokers and agents.

Member of Swedish Shipbrokers association www.swe-shipbroker.se

All Agency are performed as per standard terms and conditions issued by Swedish Shipbrokers association , version 2013:1.

Reach Us

Gävle Skeppsklarering AB

Visiting Address

Fraktvägen 16

SE-806 47 GÄVLE

+46 (0)26 101001

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